… advice giving, advice receiving… because therapy is not just an exchange of information.

… insight and instructions… because healing is neither written within a formula nor does it always happen in words.

Welcome to A Time To Heal. A progressive mind-body therapy method that reaches the core of un-accessed pain. Because “even if the mind tries to ignore pain, somatic memories trapped in the body will resist letting go until fully acknowledged”.

A Vision For Healing 



Mind & Body – Holistic. Interpersonal. Neurobiological. Healing for the mind and the body. Redefining health.

Non-Pathological – No more labels: Bad. Addicted. Bipolar. Crazy. Needy. Disordered. Avoidant. Towards strengthening emotional wellbeing and expanding distress tolerance.

Self-Determination – Time does not heal all wounds. You can. You can calm the anxious brain, the restless body and the replay of past memories.

Accountability Delivering evidence-informed psychotherapy and trauma resolution methods.

Privacy – Protecting the person and the narratives of those who risk to be seen.