Like many who end up in this field, I come with my own healing journey.

As a child and throughout my adolescence, I would daydream frequently; it was as though my mind wanted to be in a different reality. A reality that was more secure: where I felt noticed, belonged and not forgotten.

The irony was that I grew up in a family environment that provided emotional safety! For many years, this blinded me from acknowledging what I encountered outside of this safe haven as “trauma”. And, while a part of me chronically searched for stability and normalcy, I learned to simply dismiss the old pain that lived inside.

No career titles or personal achievements made the feeling of “something is missing” go away. But as I studied trauma, I realized that even though my mind tried to dismiss pain stories for many years… needless to say I was very good at this… another part of me held on tight to the past. And soon, I learned to teach my mind and my body to stop minimizing the past and move towards healing.

Today, I’m a clinical social worker and trauma-trained psychotherapist registered with OCSWSSW. I work with emotions and absence of emotions, autopilot physical responses and deep-seated beliefs. I established A Time To Heal to offer a neurobiological mind-body wellness method for restoring one’s innate equilibrium.

Today, I challenge you to dismiss labels and welcome the past. Because healing is not whole until the past, the body and the mind are fully acknowledged.


Sara Saniee


Clinical Social Worker | Psychotherapist